Google Meet is Now Free For Anyone With a Google Account

With the astronomical rise of Zoom over the past few months, Google sparks a battle by making Google Meet free to all

In the middle of a global epidemic, Zoom is one of the few companies to really benefit from the situation. Before COVID-19, Zoom was only really used in the business sector. Today, it’s a different story. From virtual parties to group games, Zoom is being used by pretty much everyone confined to their own home. But with a range of security issues, other tech companies see the opportunity to push Zoom to one side, taking the video conferencing market in the process. Google is the latest tech company to offer its services to the world – and for free. 

Google Meet, just like Zoom, is a video conferencing tool that can be used for one-to-one video conversations and group meetings. It was previously only available to those in the business and education sector and was part of the G Suite package, which users had to pay for. 

However, from now until September 30th, anyone with a free Google account can use Google Meet.

Rather than click a shared link, users will need to be logged into their Google account to access a meeting. This is to give more privacy protection to users and ensure, any unauthorized users can’t access the meeting. Anyone who tries to access a meeting without a Google calendar invite will be placed into a virtual green room, and will only be given access to the meeting once a host approves them. 

The safety measures taken by Google are sure to attract attention from those concerned about Zoom’s security issues. Zoomboming has become a common occurrence and there are concerns relating to suspicious malware and overseas surveillance of calls – although Zoom firmly denies the latter. 

Zoom is acting quickly to improve the security of its now 300 million users.        

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